Program Requirements

About the M.Sc. Program in Petroleum Geology

The M.Sc. program will be taught to rigorous international standards. A maximum enrollment of 20 students per class ( extend to 25 students per class since 2013 ) creates a low student to staff ratio and ensures a high standard of supervision. The program is specifically directed towards providing a broad technical and theoretical training in Reservoir Geology, Geophysics, Exploration Geology and Basin Studies for petroleum exploration and production geologists and geophysicists. A strong emphasis is placed on developing the skills required for employment in the petroleum industry. Consequently, the taught courses all include a significant component of practical problems and exercises.

The petroleum geology of the Southeast Asia region is a focal point of the program and Chulalongkorn University is ideally located to develop that theme. Departmental seminars describe the petroleum geology and geophysics of specific oil and gas fields and hydrocarbon-bearing sedimentary basins in the region and the M.Sc. research projects investigate a wide range of petroleum-related geological and geophysical topics. Classroom examples and exercises are drawn from the region whenever possible.

Entry requirements

  • All candidates must hold a high-quality degree in Geology, Geophysics, Petroleum Engineering or related discipline. Work experience may also be taken into account.
  • All candidates must demonstrate the ability to read, write and speak English with a TOEFL (Paper-based) score or equivalent to 475 or more. Optionally, IELTS score 4.5 or more or CU-TEP with a score 57 or more is acceptable. Information about the CU-TEP is available at
  • Having appropriate qualifications in accordance with the Graduate School stipulation imposed on a given academic year, or admitted by the administration committee of the M.Sc. Program in Petroleum Geoscience.
  • Please contact the school for further information.

*Applicants who does not have English testing score (CU-TEP), please check an announcement on English test and enroll at