The prime goal of the new Petroleum Geoscience Program is to become a leader in the field of petroleum geoscience education and research within Southeast Asia. The program began teaching an M.Sc. in Petroleum Geoscience in 2009.

The program recognizes that high-quality research is an integral part of any successful science program that offers post-graduate degrees. Consequently, a research program is being initiated that focuses on areas of technical concern which are important to the petroleum industry of Thailand and Southeast Asia as a whole. Staff and student research projects will span a wide range of geological systems and geographic areas and include studies based on outcrop and subsurface data.

The program staff also offer a wide variety of technical services in exploration and production geology and geophysics. These range from integrated basin analysis to detailed reservoir studies and include sequence stratigraphic analysis of seismic and well data, structural analysis and interpretation of well and seismic data, and petrographic and facies analysis of clastic and carbonate sediments.